Yacht Interior Design

Over the years, Leigh Ford has had the opportunity and privilege to design the interiors of a number of yachts.

Having worked onboard as Chef, Mate and Stewardess, Leigh know what fabrics and materials work onboard a yacht.  She works closely with the yacht owners, ensuring that the boat portrays the style and colors the owners is looking for.  While at the same time, ensuring that everything that is used is durable and can stand the test of time.

Leigh works closely with the boat yard at Horizon Yachts in Taiwan, as she designs many of the spec yachts and many of the build to order yachts for new owners.

Leigh does not only design yacht interiors, she works with clients in their homes, condos and holiday dwellings as well.  In some cases, she gets to creating the style and design on her own and other times she will facilitate creating exactly what the clients wants.

Leigh offers peace of mind and many years of experience to her clients, with many yachts that she can show as an example of her style.